daniel j bagan

photographer / videographer


With a natural curiosity about his subjects and an instinctive approach to “the process”, Dan's images result  in a striking reflection of personality and spirit.

As an individual who rarely follows the pack and usually breaks the rules, Daniel is attracted to less mainstream subjects, telling their story in his images and video. He has embraced the digital age with his creative and experimental approach.


From an early age Daniel had and eye for visual imagery and a drive to create. A self taught photographer and video producer, his influences include such great portrait photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson,  Yousuf Karsh, Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz. Beginning with film, a darkroom and a passion for black and white images, Daniel's work has evolved into compelling portraits with highly saturated color images and video's.


His images are in the "Gloria Steinem Archives of Smith College" and grace the album covers of musicians, collectors hang his fine art images in their homes and offices. His subjects range from the famous to children and brides to rock-and-rollers  to  "Age of Beauty" Clients; women between 50 and 100 years old, capturing their personal essence.


Daniel shares his skills as a creative force for the greater good. He is a co-creator of the highly regarded civil rights campaign “We Are Straight Allies,” where his  photographs  and video are used to bring attention to a civil rights issue in Jacksonville and the State of Florida.


Dan has created stunning images of individuals who are homeless, those suffering from bells palsy and ALS.



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