daniel j bagan

photographer / videographer


As one of the premier portrait photographers in the southeast his photographic subjects include, Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, ‘70s era women’s liberation icons;  Jack Hunter, WW2 Spy and author of "The Blue Max";  Pat Gereghty, CEO of Florida Blue;  John Delany, President of University of North Florida & Former Mayor of Jacksonville;  Hope McMath, Director of the Cummer Museum; and  Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Olympic Gold Medalist and Civil Rights Attorney.

Gloria & Dorothy

Alyssa & Josh

Jerell & Brook

Brian & Bethany

Dan's clientele appreciate his artistic vision and photographic storytelling, which is particularly evident in his new photographic portraiture project The Age of Beauty, featuring women from age 50 to 100. Dan has chosen to create images of this group largely ignored by photographers and the media, who tend to measure beauty by youthfulness and physical perfection. But these photographs capture the imperfect beauty of older women, revealing their strength of character, pride in themselves and the bountiful love in their lives. Dan's natural curiosity about his subjects and an instinctive approach to “the process” result in images of striking personality and spirit.

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